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Doerz - community for experiences

Doerz is a sharing economy-based marketplace where people offer each other memorable stuff to do. We bring you experiences from locals for locals, tourists and groups etc.

Our key task is to make people stop talking about it and start doing things, we're also dedicated to add some spice to our free time and bring more of that wow-factor to all of us.

Our service providers don't have to be seasoned experience professionals, they don't have to be incorporated or have their business set up in any way. All they need to be is passionate about their sport, trait, skill, idea or ability! Plus obviously we want them to be willing to share that passion. 

That's what's Doerz is all about: people sharing their passion with others who are looking for interesting stuff to do. Pretty simple and easy.   

Doerz Co Oy


Turku, Finland

Getting started?

User buying experiences

1. sign up first here (if you haven't already)

2. find suitable experience(s) and buy it (them) by using your credit card or your PayPal account (totally safe)

3. send some messages with the experience provider about the details if needed, works both privately and publicly

4. have a unique experience!

Experience provider

1. sign up first here (if you haven't already)

2. create your listing with the description, photos, dates and perhaps with some youtube video. Tutorial here: Doerz Tutorial.

3. Create or upgrade and link your PayPal business account to your Doerz profile (very easy and fast) so that you can start receiving payments. Instructions below and Tutorial video here: Doerz PayPal setup.

4. Share the listing in social media (#doerz), we'll spread it through our network.

PayPal instructions:

Example setting for your PayPal business account:

  • Business name? Tom Smith
  • What type of business it is? Individual
  • What is the business category: Services - Other
  • What is the sub-category? Services (not elsewhere classified)

Options for the settings:

  • How would you like to be paid? On your website
  • How would you like to process card payments on your website? Process all payments, including credit cards, through PayPal
  • How would you like to set up PayPal on your website? no need to fill -> go straight to account setup
  • Link your IBAN bank account? Add your IBAN bank account and go "back to my profile"
  • My money - add your credit card details (PayPal should also accept Visa Electron here if needed)