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100 coolest things to do in your city

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Doerz Joukkorahoitus on huikea mahdollisuus hypätä mukaan sekä jakamistalouteen että elämysten tulevaisuuteen. Tule mukaan matkallemme, lupaamme että se on aikasi arvoista! Doerz tuo ihmisiä yhteen kokemaan aitoja elämyksiä. Kutsumme nyt ensimmäiset sijoittajat mukaan rakentamaan kanssamme tätä bisnestä. 100 ensimmäistä saa nimensä Doerz Hall of Fameen. Ole Doer, ota osaa antiin!


Equity Crowdfunding

Doerz Crowdfunding is your chance to hop on a wagon of both sharing economy and the future of experiences. Come and join this journey, we promise it will be worth the effort! We are all about bringing people together to share authentic experiences. We are now taking the first investors ever to grow the business with us. 100 first have their names on Doerz Hall of Fame. Be a Doer, do invest.

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"Fruitful experience [...] with great group of people. We got excellent tips and views. Thumbs up!"


"If you are looking to experience a little bit of Finnish lifestyle - try it, you wont be disappointed"


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We believe that experiences between individuals are the future. The time for package experiences is over, we see people wanting to do things with other locals who are passionate about what they do.

The money

We're using PayPal payment system to guarantee your safe transactions. When booking the experience, money goes straight to organiser's account. Doerz fee 15% and the payment fee of 3,4%+0,35€ are deducted.

Is it legal?

Yes it is! People organising the experiences don't need a company or any other legal entity, just the passion for sharing. It's their personal income and they report the profits to tax authorities annually.

Team Doerz


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